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Jeanne Grunert

Jeanne Grunert is a freelance content marketing manager, SEO writer, and award-winning fiction writer. She is known for her conversational writing and ability to transform complex marketing and business information into easily-understood search engine optimized writing. As a content marketing manager, Jeanne excels at organizing complex editorial calendars and content assignments and managing diverse telecommuting teams. You can reach her at


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the cover of Jeanne Grunert's novel I Believe You
I Believe You
cover of I See You by Jeanne Grunert
I See You
It Was Mine
The Last Run of the 6:01
cover of An Ancient Gift and Other Stories
An Ancient Gift & Other Stories

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The first time I ate a fresh ripe fig, I was 28 years old and worked for a Manhattan financial service firm. One of my coworkers lived in Elmhurst, Queens, and he brought in fresh, ripe green figs, a variety called Italian Honey. Thus began my lifelong fascination with this ancient, keystone fruit.