I Know You, Work in Progress Update

The Majeks Are Back – Progress on “I Know You”

The Majeks are back! In my imagination, at least. I started work on the third draft of the new novel, now titled, “I Know You.” It’s moving along briskly and I am happy to report that Dave, Eva, Tibor, Eddie, Turquoise and all your favorites from the first of the Majek family stories are returning for the second installment in what will be a trilogy –

  • I Believe You – available on Amazon
  • I Know You – coming soon
  • I Hear You – future work


I thought a lot this weekend about inspiration. What inspires me to write? Usually it’s something small. A thought, a feeling, a fleeting scene that splashes across my mind’s eye and won’t let me go.

In the case of this book, it was a Christmas ornament. Every family has a cherished Christmas ornament or two that they add to the tree each year no matter how shabby the ornament looks.

My husband has always loved a cardboard house that his family adds to the tree every Christmas. It has a hole in the back and you simply stuff a lightbulb from the string into the back and voila, the house lights up. It must have fascinating him when he was a boy because that Christmas house must be added to our tree each year no matter how faded the red roof or the crumbling trees on the lawn of the house.

I began to imagine an ornament like this one, but made of tin. A fancy house with a Victorian roof like the houses I used to drive past in Huntington, Long Island. That led me to imagine an antiques store I used to frequent when I lived on Long Island in Cold Spring Habor. It was on the Main Street and in a reportedly haunted building. I don’t know about haunted, but the inside smelled like coal smoke, old wood, and lemon oil furniture polish. The proprietor was a brunette who looked down her patrician nose at everyone who dared enter her store and flinch at the three and four-figure price tags on any object.

Now comes the writer’s most important question – what if?


What if the little house held more meaning than a simple Christmas ornament?

What if someone would do anything to get it back?


That, of course, led me right into the plot of “I Know You.”


Christmas may not seem like the time to talk about hauntings, ghosts, and possessiveness, but it all came together into one plot with romance, greed, and murders old and new spicing things up.

I Know You. Coming this fall (I hope!)

I know you by Jeanne Grunert cover