Rest in peace, little Alfie

I don’t know whether to be furious or resigned. Little Alfie Evans, the British boy with degenerative brain disease, has died.

I think I’ll be angry for a while, then grieve.

I’m angry because the courts trampled on the rights of the parents. I’m angry because it’s an unfair world – unfair because the government (both in the U.K. and the USA) have the right to dictate so many things that you must do for your child, then they step in an refuse to let you do everything to save your child.

I’ve seen so many articles this week examining the story from every angle but at the heart of it for me is parental rights.

When do your rights as a parent stop and start today?

Alfie was a little boy with a rare disease. Could he have had a normal life? Could the Italian doctors provided better medical care?

We’ll never know.

What a mess. Now I’m moving into grief.

Rest in peace, little Alfie. No handicapped child should die – or be denied medical treatment – by a government. None.

Because when governments start deciding who lives and who dies, judging people by a murky metric about whether or not people are useful or productive, we’ll all be screwed.