A Writer’s Life: June 2018

A glimpse into my life, June 2018. New feature here on the blog of writer Jeanne Grunert so that you can enjoy all the mundane moments of a not-so-glamorous working writer’s life!

Micawber continues to channel the spirit of my old dog, Shadow. He has so many of her mannerisms it’s uncanny.

My sister sent me a birthday present, even though my birthday is in April. It’s a friendship bracelet and I love it. It came on a day when I was feeling really down, which made it even more special.

I resumed my walks…I’m so out of breath just walking down the road, but I’m determined to start walking again.

Genghis loves the new Mac. His head fits perfectly under the monitor.

No pictures, but the second clutch of phoebes, a species of bird that nests on the drain pipe outside of my office window, hatched. I love to watch the birds as they grow. The cats enjoy the show, too.

We had a rainbow that touched down in the yard. Can you see it? No pot of gold, though. I am sadly disappointed.


I had an article published in the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles. It wouldn’t be a big deal EXCEPT that I have been trying to break into this publication since college….25 years or so of trying. Then THEY contacted ME for the piece. Never give up!!!


I wrote an Ode to Eczema and what it taught me. I published it to a site called Medium which usually features a lot of far left essays. May my finger struggles inspire!


Also in June…

I attended a service at my friend’s Assembly of God church. A lot of singing and positive thinking, hugs and God loves you stuff. I’m still Catholic albeit going through a cranky Catholic phase right now.  Didn’t much like the AoG service but I like the people very much. I bet they think the same thing about Catholics. At least I hope so.

I read the following books….


  1. Ashworth Hall  (by Anne Perry, one of my favorite writers)
  2. Bless Her Dead Little Heart (by Miranda James, nice clean cozy mystery)
  3. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards (I’m rereading Lilian Jackson Braun)
  4. The Cat Who Saw Red
  5. The Cat Who Played Brahms
  6. Ghost Stories of M.R.R. James


  1. On Farms and Food by Wendell Berry
  2. The Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed
  3. The World of Garden Design by Susan Dooley

I tried to read but had to give up about halfway through:

  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Morell (boring)
  2. The Oldest Living Confederate Woman Tells All (gave up on the impossible plot)


And what did I write?

  • About a zillion words of marketing copy, business reports, and articles for clients. Heavy month of articles about technology. Heavy month of work. I really love my new job as a VP of Marketing. Challenging. Fun. Did I mention challenging?
  • 3,000 words on my new novel, Salt + Light, which I promptly tossed to try again
  • Two chapters of revisions of my social media marketing book, now called Social Media Savvy
  • Two articles on Medium – Buy American, They Said and What I Learned from Eczema
  • Feature article for Virginia Gardener plus my usual monthly column
  • Distance learning course for an educational publisher about management and communications skills

New stuff –

  1. Launched my new business site for women, Persimoney
  2. Relaunched my Blog Talk Radio Show under the Persimoney brand
  3. Published my first article in the Journal of Antiques and Collectibles
  4. Ordered a new desk chair because I managed to break the wheel off of my current chair. I get attached to my chairs. This one was especially comfy. I hope I like the new one.

Corny things I remembered I love –

Renaissance’s album Camera, Camera. Not their finest work and Annie Haslam sounds like she’s shouting through all the songs but still, some fun moments.

Things I learned –

  • It’s okay to admit you’re tired.
  • It’s okay to admit you need time to yourself.
  • It’s okay to not write, sometimes.


Happy Blessed June, Feast of the Sacred Heart! (See, I am still Catholic!)