crocus photo Jeanne Grunert
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A Rose by Any Other Name

…isn’t a rose.

It’s another flower.

How many flowers can you name? Trees? Insects? Birds? Animals?

According to the latest research, many millennials can’t name any plants. They can’t tell the difference between a crocus and a carnation, a daffodil and a dogwood.

Think about all of the relationships you’ve had in your life. I’m guessing that the first thing you did was learn the other person’s name. “Hello, my name is Jeanne. What’s yours?” Since grade school, this is how we’ve gotten to know other people.

How can you have a relationship with the environment around you if you don’t even know the names of the creatures who live there? And if you don’t have a relationship with the environment – how can you care about it? Other than virtue signaling, of course, which comes with no effort or price other than to chime in and agree with the cause du jour.

I wrote a piece today for Medium that just seemed to flow out of me like a river…hopefully one without lawn chemicals…and I invite you to read it here: Losing Our Cultural Crocus