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The Great Novel Experiment: Night Song

Are you ready for my great novel experiment?

Many, many years ago, I wrote a horror novel which I really liked. I never tried to get it published. I was focused at the time on fantasy and science fiction writing.

My type of horror writing as you know from my collection of short stories, “An Ancient Gift and Other Stories”, is more like the Twilight Zone-type of fiction. Light horror, as someone called it. A cross between Flannery O’Connor and Edgar Allan Poe, another reviewer stated.

I’ll take it – any day I can be compared to Poe or the great Catholic writer Flannery O’Connor, I’ll take it.

Spooky, Catholic-themed stories where the good guys win and crosses still repel vampires (there are no vampires in this book) and demons really exist (there are real demons in this book) don’t appeal to acquisition editors at big publishing houses, or they didn’t, years ago when I tried to find a buyer for this book.

Acquisition editors for publishing houses want different horror books. They want books with lurid covers and sex scenes and grotesque mangled corpses and all sorts of things I don’t write about. My novel languished in a box, then in a closet in my office.

I pulled it out a few months ago and started rereading Night Songs. I’m in the middle of writing not one, but two novels at the moment. “I Know You,” the follow up novel to “I Believe You” continues the Majek family story. “Salt + Light”, the second novel I am in the middle of working on, chronicles the journey and choices of the Russo family, five brothers living in a small town in Virginia. Both of these books require dedicated focus, attention to my craft, and more time than I really have (but I make time for my fiction).

Yet here I was, sitting at my desk, flipping through Night Songs. It wasn’t bad. In fact, it’s pretty good. Or so I think.

But what do you, my loyal readers think? That’s what I want to know.


Join Me in the Great Novel Experiment – One Chapter a Week Published on My Blog

Here’s what I plan to do: I am going to publish a chapter a week of Night Songs, here on the blog, open for all to read. Drop a comment if you want to in order to help shape the book or just read to enjoy it.  When the entire book has been published on my blog, I’ll package it up and post it to Amazon for sale at a reasonable price in paperback and Kindle versions.

I’m taking a big leap of faith and a big risk doing this. There’s the risk everyone will hate it – and let me know,  quite vocally. There’s also the very real risk of thieves pirating the story. Just for the record, I already own the copyright to Night Songs. I will register the copyright once the entire book has been updated. This will afford greater protection should someone try to publish it under their name or do something else to rob my of my creative product.

Hint: don’t even think about it. You’ve heard about mama bears protecting their cubs? Don’t stand between a writer protecting her creative baby, her novel. Just. Don’t.

Onwards…I present to you Night Songs, a spooky story that is G/PG rated 🙂 Enjoy!


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    1. Thanks Rebecca! I hope you like it. It will be fun for me to revise as I write, and fun for my fans to read along and comment!


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