New Majek Family Mystery Available SOON

Good news to fans of my first novel, I Believe You – the second book in the Majek Family Mysteries series is now edited and nearly ready for publication!

I See You takes place two years after the events in I Believe You. Turquoise Daniels, the family’s quirky housekeeper and now property manager, purchases a snow globe at an antique store for David Majek as a Christmas present. Soon, the family finds themselves battling an unseen entity who seems bent on making sure he – or she – is both heard and seen. The family quickly becomes embroiled in a decades-old cold case involving one of Long Island’s most prominent Gold Coast estates. How far will the wealthy go to protect their good name?

I love this story. It is like a roller coaster that gradually takes you higher and higher and higher with some dips and curves, but then to THE big hill. Held my attention throughout, characters that are relatable, mystery that makes the reader hungry to know what…who…etc. Well done.

It’s a ghost story…and the story of how disabled children were treated in the 20th century.

It’s the story of why everyone human life matters.

And of course, it’s a story about family – every family – and especially, the Majeks.


  • Official release date – paperback and e-book to be released on Amazon.com
  • Media kit and press release
  • Book Club Discussion Guide
  • Links to places that inspired the book
  • Down Syndrome Resources

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