Learning Humility the Hard Way

Matthew 23:12 says, “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled…” and boy, did I learn a lesson in humility this past month. God chose to use my point of pride – my writing and my work – to teach me valuable lessons in humility.

First, there was the fiasco of my October book release. If you purchased the edition of I See You released on October 27, 2019, please update the edition on your Kindle starting this weekend, November 23, 2019.

Friends immediately contacted me after its launch to alert me that the book looked like a draft. Not just a few typos, but dozens of them. Missing words, incorrect words, missing punctuation. Oh. My. Goodness. This from the wordsmith, the editing queen…yes, I used an automatic proofreading software on my novel. Never again. I missed more typos than I caught and it seriously degraded the quality of the book to where a friend said, “I cannot read this.” Ouch. Pain. The truth hurts.

Thanks to Barb who flagged the book and brought it to my attention, and to the generosity of Eleanor, Lucy, and Linda who volunteered time as typo-catchers, I was able to correct the mistakes and reissue the book today. I had to pull it off Amazon in the meantime, apologize to my readers, and swallow my pride. I screwed up. I had to fix it. I fixed it. Now I move on.

It was, however, a lesson in humility. I know I tend to rush through things and this was a great example. I was tired from taking care of our new puppy and rushed, and I thought, “Well, I know it’s a good book, one or two typos won’t matter.” Try about 40 typos. Ugh. Yes, it does matter.

God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, decided I needed still another dose of humble medicine, and gave me that dose in November. I cannot go into the details as it involves too many other people whose stories aren’t mine to share. But it was another lesson in trusting God with my work and not my pride.

God chose this month to help me overcome a big stumbling block in my spiritual life. I am a Daughter of St. Francis de Sales. Humility is one of the key Salesian principles. Yet God saw that pride remained in the way and chose the fall of 2019 to help me learn new lessons.

I hope His school is in recess for a while, but I trust Him to know what’s best for me.

Ugh. October and November are months around here I wish I could forget!