Say I Love You in ASL

From my book, I Believe You: David thrust his backpack at him, handed him a $5 bill for lunch, and kissed Eddie on top of the head. He raised his hand, pinky finger and index finger pointed skyward, middle two fingers folded down, thumb out in the ILY gesture. I love you. Eddie flashed ILY…… Continue reading Say I Love You in ASL

Long Island’s Gold Coast

The primary setting for my novel, I Believe You, is Long Island’s famous “Gold Coast.” The Majek family lives in Brookville, an elite, upscale town on the North Shore of Long Island. Although Tibor, David’s father and the patriarch of the family, still lives in Bellerose, I purposely chose Brookville for David. Here’s why. To…… Continue reading Long Island’s Gold Coast

“I Believe You” Is Now Available

Paperback version   I’m thrilled to announce that my new novel, I Believe You, is now available! Reader response has been swift and overwhelmingly positive to my latest fiction. You can grab your copies on Amazon. Paperback and Kindle versions are both available. The book follows the story of the Majek family as they struggle…… Continue reading “I Believe You” Is Now Available

Setting Up My Blog

This is just a simple test post as I set up my new blog on my author website. I’ve got plenty of blogs, but this one will be solely for my fictional antics and general blather. Enjoy.