I Know You

Book 3 in the Majek Family Mysteries – I Know You

Currently a work in progress.

paulius-dragunas-Nhs0sLAn1Is-unsplash (1)
Photo by Paulius Dragunas on Unsplash

Three years after the events in I See You, the Majeks prepare for an eventful summer. Sixteen-year-old Eddie Majek embarks on a month-long marine biology course sponsored by a local community college. After a week in the classroom getting to know his fellow shipmates, he embarks aboard the Saint Francis, a scientific research vessel studying the effects of pollution on the quahog clam. Unfortunately, someone is studying Edward Majek…and waiting for his chance to seek revenge against the family.

Filled with adventure, sorrow, family, and friends, and a gentle mystery threading the narrative, I Know You concludes the Majek Family cycle with the realization that no matter where we go, we are never too far from home.

Publication date – unknown. Work in progress.