Watching 9/11 from My Office Windows

I was a young mid-level marketing manager working in New York City on 9/11. I remember sitting at my desk the night before going over the information for my first day of graduate school as rain poured against the eaves of our tiny Long Island apartment. Newlywed, living in about 800 square feet, working in… Continue reading Watching 9/11 from My Office Windows


My Dog, My Teacher

I'd forgotten the simple truth of dogs: they are our greatest teachers. When you work with a dog, you must learn your own lessons first before you can teach a dog his lessons. Some of you know that after two years of being dog-less since Shadow, my German shepherd's death from cancer, we chose to… Continue reading My Dog, My Teacher

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Out with Them All – All the Way to Rome

In case you've been living under a rock - or you aren't Catholic - a Grand Jury report from the state of Pennsylvania came out on August 15, 2018, that is shocking not in its 1,000+ pages of details of sexual misconduct, abuse, and criminal behavior by the Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania but by how… Continue reading Out with Them All – All the Way to Rome