The Lure of Forgotten Places

There is something intriguing about forgotten places - old cemeteries, abandoned buildings, crumbling walls. They beg us to ask, "Why are you forgotten? What memories do your walls hold?" My fascination with the lure of old places and the stories they held began in childhood on warm Sunday afternoons when my great-aunts and uncles would… Continue reading The Lure of Forgotten Places

True Stories

What Literary Pilgrimages Have You Gone On?

Literary pilgrimages...the name conjures images of Canterbury Tales, of men and women in brown pilgrims' robes and sandals crossing the rocky mountains of Europe. I've had two unique experiences that I suppose count as a literary pilgrimage. This particular "literary pilgrimage" involved us staying in one of the plantations that had inspired Margaret Mitchell's "Tara"… Continue reading What Literary Pilgrimages Have You Gone On?