On Point

On Point launches a new family for my readers – the Russo family, an Italian-American, former Long Island family of tough-guy brothers who moved to rural Virginia to start a new life. Brothers Paul and Ray Russo live in Fayetteville, Virginia, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, in a quirky little touristy town that harbors many dark secrets.

One snowy night just after Christmas, a beautiful girl blows into the closed diner that Paul owns and demands ice. Ice on a frigid winter night? It turns out that the Ice Queen is Sandra Martinez, the principal dancer with the visiting company scheduled to perform the Nutcracker at the historic Argo theater across from the diner.

Paul is quickly smitten with the beautiful, sweet Sandra, and although he’s vowed never to see a ballet, he finds himself at the theater the next day.

But Sandra won’t be dancing that night. She won’t dance ever again.

Paul, his brother Ray, Sheriff Charlie Lutz, Father Mike the Catholic priest, and the quirky cast of characters from Fayetteville quickly find themselves solving a mystery that swirls around the heart of Fayetteville like the snowflakes swirling around the town.

This is a work in progress so please be patient while the story develops. But I hope that along with The Red Boy House, On Point is available for my readers and fans by 2017 – 2018.