The Red Boy House


A New Majek Family Story

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Alex, whistling from behind the Christmas tree, called out, “Hey, Dad? Where did this come from?”

David’s attention was fixed on Eddie, who instead of carrying the wooden kitchen chair around the large tree set up in their family room, insisted on dragging it. David kept one eye on Eddie and another on the tree, waiting for the moment when the legs of the chair would tangle with the tree skirt or the electrical wire connecting the lights to the corner outlet and pull the whole thing down.

Eddie finished moving the chair and beamed at his father. David gave him the thumbs up and a smile, Eddie nodded, and Ed returned to placing all of his favorite ornaments on the tree.

“What are you looking at, Alex?”

Alex stepped out from behind the tree holding a green velvet box. The top was latched with what looked like a small piece of polished bone. He held it out to his father. “I found this tucked inside one of the bigger ornament boxes, but I’ve never seen it before. Do you recognize it, Dad?”

David fumbled with the tiny bone clasp, slipping it out of the cloth loop. He grabbed the loop on the lid and tugged gently; the box resisted his efforts. Finally, with Alex holding the box, he was able to use his fingernail to pry open the lid. Josh had stopped hanging ornaments to see what his dad and brother were up to. Eddie finally glanced up and decided to join them, so the four Majek men stood in a circle, holding the box.

David fumbled with a nest of tissue paper and sliding his fingers into the box. He felt rough, pointy edges; he grasped the object and tugged. As the boys crowded near, he unwrapped crumbling and yellowed paper from the object.

He grasped a tiny miniature house the likes of which he had never seen before The tiny Victorian mansion was made of what felt like painted tin. “Snow” in the form of thick white paint studded with glitter covered the witches’ hat tower of the home. Tall, arched windows were covered with thin films of celluloid plastic. On the porch of the tiny Victorian house was a little brown and white dog, playfully gazing up at his master. A little boy in a red coat, scarf, boots and cap stood on the top step of the porch, and the dog and boy looked as if they would leap into the snow for a romp.

“It’s beautiful,” Josh said quietly.


Thus begins the tale of the Red Boy House, named for the figure dressed all in red on the tiny miniature home. Where did it come from? Who made it? And how did it end up among the Majek family’s Christmas decorations when none of the family members recognize it?

Budding private investigator and middle son Josh accepts a bet, first made in jest by his Aunt Eva, later taken quite seriously by the whole family, to discover who made the Red Boy House – and why. Josh sets out to solve the mystery only to stumble into another family connected to the Majeks in a set of mysterious circumstances, a family desperately in need of healing.